Mounted Games Association of Western Australia

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Welcome to the Official Website of Mounted Games Association of Western Australia (MGAWA)

Mounted Games is an equestrian sport where riders of all levels and disciplines compete in a series of "games", either as an individual, pair or team depending on the format of the competition.

Sharing a close resemblance to the pony club Prince Philip Games competition, Mounted Games attracts horses and riders of all shape, size and age. It is also a great experience for young riders to develop confidence in their riding in a fun environment.

At each competition a variety of games are run, designed to test the horsemanship, agility, skill and fitness of the horse and rider. Yes, also the rider! So be prepared for some physical exertion, hand-eye coordination and lots of fun!

Mounted Games is run all over the world, with Australian states coming in under the Mounted Games Association Australia. Each year Australia sends a team to compete in the World Championships on borrowed horses.